Saturday, June 18, 2016

What is New? #2: Introducing the Disney Corner!

Hey Disney Fans!  I have been wondering for a long time about why I haven't created a Disney corner for this channel and now I finally have!  Check out this video for more details:

What is New? #1: Ideas for Collaboration Videos?

Hey everyone! I know it's been awhile since I've commented on this blog, but I was wondering if there is anyone who is interested in doing a collaboration video with me dealing with animation.  It can be on any TV show or movie that is animated or an animated topic that you would like to discuss with other animation fans!  Down below are some suggestions for upcoming animated podcasts and if you have an idea of what to do for a collaboration video, please feel free to leave your name, your You Tube Channel and your suggestion down below:

1. The Academy Awards and Animation:

This is a topic that I wanted to approach for awhile now and it is about how animation is being treated when it comes to the Oscars. For anyone who has been watching the Oscars for years and knows how the Oscars has been when it comes to their animation category can feel free to participate in this discussion!

2. The Lack of 2D Animation in Hollywood Nowadays:

This is definitely one topic that I feel like we should discuss as a group, since I have been around various animation groups around the web and I've discovered that this is an issue that most animation fans wonder about.  Anyone interested in discussing about 2D animation in Hollywood and see if there is a way to bring it back to Hollywood are free to join!

3. Anime vs. Western Animation:

Another subject of animation that many anime and western animation fans might want to discuss and we could do a compare and contrast about how animation is treated in anime versus how it is treated in western animation.

4. Disney Afternoon

I feel like this would be a fun discussion to have for anyone who grew up with the Disney Afternoon cartoon block in the 1990s and talk about what they loved or hated about this block and what their favorite shows were during this block!

5. Yearly Animated Movies Looking Forward To:

I'm planning on making this a yearly thing as there are many new animated movies being released every year and I would love to have a discussion video with other animation fans about what animated movies they are looking forward to for the year!

6. Most Inspirational Animators

Every animation fan has grew up with a different animator that defined their childhood, so this would be an interesting discussion for animation fans to talk about their favorite animators and how they had shaped the world of animation!

So what other topics would you like to discuss? Please feel free to suggest some topics below and whether or not you would like to participate in these discussions!