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How about a top ten animated film of all time discussion?

Pikachu Ramen  

will you make a TMNT animated discussion about their timelines ages and continuity (This includes the movies OVA  Live action series and Comics)
I think the kid in fast forward is the 1987 tmnt original owner
in the Classic Series Hamato Yoshi is Splinter
in the 2003 series Splinter is Hamato Yoshi's pet and Hamato Yoshi's sprit appears in Ninja Tributal Sideseason
in the 2012 series Splinter is hamato Yoshi but he doesn't die he has a batman sort of backstory and buys the turtles from the pet store
in the Mirage Comics Shredder became Hamato Yoshi's enemy because erok usagi is shredder's dad
but in the 2003 series karai is shredder's child
so maybe its like this
there's Shredder from the 80s series who is amercian,Asian and was a student at 80's splinter's dojo and since he was a rival fighter that's why he framed him
there's erok usagi from the comics who dies
his son who becomes the mirage comic shredder and has a clone,murder arc
and his clone becomes the 2003 shredder but secretly does something with tang shen's ghost and karai is born
and comic shredder's evil clone gets fused with erok usagi and becomes the shredder from the nickelodeon TMNT show
and here's the ages part
the 80s turtles are teenagers in the first half of the classic series
in the live action movie they're taller so they're almost adults
in the red sky finale they graduate from splinter's teachings which means they're young adults
but in turtles forever they slightly shorter than their red sky counterparts but that's probably just a animation issue
and the reason why in their cameos in the new series they don't show their age or height is because since some of the nickelodeon tmnt writers actually care about their fans the turtles short 80s Kermit the frog sort of look is so iconic its hard for hardcore tmnt fans to figure out how the turtles are supposed to age or grow also they do it so the character design fits the background well if what to know what I mean watch mad munchkins OC videos

The Cartoon Guy  

  1. Watch dragonball z battle of gods?
Hanna Malcolm 

  1. Do a Animated Discussion on how Certain Webseries or Youtube series about dolls figures or toys can be entertaining use these shows as examples Sam & Mickey Myfroggystuff HappyFamilyShow Barbie life in the Dreamhouse Monster High My Scene LIV World itsjustsomerandomguy The Fabulous Life of Bratz Skye's Bratz Movie Mike Mozart Bratz Drowning in Pop LPS Lost.  Like, you want me to give examples of certain web shows that has dolls figures or toys as the characters and discuss about why they are entertaining?


Nate Cahnman

Small Fry review?

Hanna Malcolm

  1. And Do a Animated Discussion on French Anime Web Anime and Amercian franchises that are animated in japan like halo reach and animatrix since some french anime like totally spies and marvin mystery are animated in japan but produced in Quebec  include Transformers and The Boondocks.  So, do a discussion on how American and French Anime are different from Japanese anime?

The Cartoon Guy  

 1.  Will you ever make a top 10 list of your favorite cartoons on Saturday morning  

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